skippin' troupe

Some things that make my heart skips a beat of which I’m grateful: (in random order)

1. As a 17-yo left my family’s cozy nest to live abroad for the first time.

2. Having my parents at my M.A. graduation ceremony.

3. A friend asked me to have breakfast with him and his friend, whom friend is surprised that I don’t even recognize his friend’s name let alone know his friend’s face. Friend’s friend’s name is Krismara and now known as hubby aka PapaRaissa+Fiamma.

4. The day when Kris asked me to marry him and of course the day it happened on 02/05/2008.

5. The day Kris and I first found out I was pregnant.

6. The day we first heard Raissa Caiannika’s cry on 09/09/2009 at 20:09 and Fiamma Khalishabira’s on 23/12/2011.

7. When someone I admire so much told me that I just have to do my PhD (yet, I never get around to do it. Not sure if I’m really a PhD kind :-D ).

8. Every single time I travel with my family. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind travelling solo but travelling with hubby and kids is a lot more fun. A bigger troupe consisting of parents, in-laws, siblings and their spouse, and nephews are also very fun. No wonder this blog named Skippin’ Troupe, eh? I love travelling in troupe.

9. When my parents’ told me that they’re thankful to have me, while in fact I was the one blessed to be able to call them Mama and Papa.

10. Watching Kris and our kids having their quality time.

11. Every Raissa’s and Fiamma’s hug and kiss, and everytime I hug and kiss and sniff them. They are my love potion no. 09.

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