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24 Dec

Tis How We Do Birthdays

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We   C E E B R A T E   it!

At least, the minimalist package: birthday cake and dine-out special for family.

Or, the whole shebang: birthday cakes with lots of candles, birthday party, games and presents (of course!).

For some people, some families.. my “obsession” with birthday might raise eyebrows, worse.. some might find it repulsive. I shoulda.. coulda.. spend the money for a better cause, at least for my kids’ education all the way through college. Right? The education bill grows at an estimated 20% every year anyhow. Or I could spend it on a family holiday instead.. travelling to somewhere…

Right! I coulda… but shoulda.. ummmm…..

I love birthday. Waita.. the right statement is: I LOVE celebrating birthdays. It is because I have fond memories of my birthdays celebrated when I was a kid. My mom was a killer party maker. She’s a much better party organizer than I am. For her children’s birthdays, she stayed up late at night “planting” treats (usually a mix of special balloon aka balon tiup, coloring tools, and lots-and-varied candies) for goodie bags on our living room tiles. One tile, a tiny hill of treats, for one goodie bag. So organized, right?

Then, she rallied help from her coworkers, the best artists in the office, to draw posters for a game. For example, her coworker would draw three donkeys missing its tail for the game: Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Even back then in the 80s, without internet, my mom knew that game, which was like this… Hung up the missing-tail-donkey posters. Then she lined up three of my friends willing to play and compete up a few feet away from the posters and gave each player a tail. She then would blindfolded all players and slowly spinned them around three times. After pointed them in the direction of the poster, they had to guess (still blindfolded) the best place to pin the tail to their respective donkey poster. The winner was the player that pinned the tail closest to the donkey’s rear-end. That was just one of the games. She would organized at least three games and sometimes in a couple rounds too. Other games were the usual routines such as cold-or-hot treasure hunting, musical chairs minus 1, etc.

The presents for the winners were quite something too.. at least for children. Just last year, in a reunion, I met a friend that attended my 6th b’day party and she told me that she still keeps the harmonica she won from competing in a game at my party. A harmonica! I would never thought of such present for birthday games. Really, she threw the best, memorable parties not just for her children but also my friends who attended it. My friends at that reunion last year were still gushing over my primary school birthday parties.

So, it is natural that I want my children to have fond memories of their birthdays as I do. However, I don’t always give the whole shebang package for my girls’ every birthday. In the past, I did the minimalist package for their first, second, and fourth birthdays. Then more festive celebrations on 3rd and 5th birthdays. Why so? I don’t know.. I just did it that way.

Even the most festive parties I organized for my girls, in my opinion, are still not as great as the parties my mom threw for me and my sisters. My mom raised the bar too high for us her children to level her. How I organize birthdays is very different from my mom. I relied more to available options provided by playgrounds in Jakarta. The other thing I do differently is the goodie bag. I steer away from giving sweets, drinks, or other food items. The goodie bags I’ve done for my girls were: character plastic fan, hair-man plant kit from science center, wetbag, swimming goggle+towel, DIY foam monsters/fairies decoration, and DIY hand print.

For 2014, just so happened that it’s the year of 5th and 3rd birthdays!


Pink Panther Pool Party

I threw a pool party for Raissa, who chose Pink Panther as the party theme. She just can’t make it easier for her mom by picking up the more popular theme like Frozen, or some Disney character instead. But a pink panther? Very difficult theme, you know, baby girl! I only managed to present the theme in cake, cookies, and pudding served at the party.

The Pink Panther party was held on a Saturday, a few days after her actual birthday. She was puzzled when she learned that she won’t be blowing candles on her birthday. So in an impulsive move, I bought a tiny birthday cake from BreadTalk the night before her birthday and wrapped all presents so she can have a surprise on her birthday morning.

Then a purple Pink Panther pool party.

We had a blast! My first time ever throwing a pool party and I had the guests saying that they enjoyed it much. The kids loved the splashing moments, their parents enjoyed lounging by the pool. All guards down.. no one looked polished, but all looked relaxed in their billowing outfits welcoming the breeze.


Ahoy, Pirates!

Raissa had her 3rd b’day celebrated at the Playground at Kemang and she really cherished that particular bash. Since then, I have been having hopes and plan that for Fiamma’s 3rd b’day she would have it celebrated in a similar place. But Fiamma’s b’day is in December, during a rainy season. So I opted for an indoor party. After considering two potential playgrounds, I decided on Chipmunk Playland at Kemang. Then Fiamma, our puting beliung (whirlwind) baby, dismissed the princess theme for the pirates theme instead.

We also had a small morning celebration for Fiamma with three cupcakes, only I have no justification for doing it as we held her b’day party on the same day of her b’day. I guess I just wanted to do a morning surprise for her.

I was so satisfied with the Chipmunk service. The staff were so helpful, accommodating, and friendly. I’m glad I chose them over the other option. A mother told me that Fiamma’s b’day was lots of fun. Her remark just shot me up to the roof  :D

Then Raissa said that Fiamma has the best birthday, which made me smile. Really, I just hope they cherish their birthdays as much as I do mine and theirs.


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21 Dec

Kiddarts: Compilation 2014

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This blog starts to look like an Annual Report, eh? Only gets updated annualy :D

With so many stories to share, I’m now really lost where to begin. Yep, me askin’ for it! So let’s start with something extra-lite.. and unfortunately, I’m not talking about my weight.. huhuhu..

I just wanna share the “arts” my little girls have produced in this year. The “arts” might not be artsy for others, but they certainly considered a collection of masterpiece by Kris and me.

So far, Raissa has been more productive than her sister as with Fiamma, the whirlwind, would call it quit within 3 minutes after picking up a crayon and then said “ok enough.. i’m tired.” :)

Moving on.. *drumrolls please* let me present you to the latest collection of skippintroupe’s kiddarts gallery… ta daa!


Raissa wrote this GWS note when I was bed-ridden for a week after diagnosed with cervical HNP on 1 April 2014


A letter to my sister’s family, the Cimarolis, on their wedding anniversary on 10 October.
Letter subtitles: Zia Ayu, ini Kakak. Zia Ayu kapan ke Indonesia sama Zio Lollo. Zia Ayu, kita ke Jungle Land yang kolam renang itu.

Raissa’s piece is the one on the left. She actually just colored a template drawing provided by Sushi Tei but then, not sure what happened, she started scribbling black figures over the template. I think it started out as a mistake though. However, instead of opting to toss it out, she said that coloring/drawing piece is to be sent to her Zio Lollo. And so I did, a long with the “anniversary” letter.
I do love looking at the final piece though.. it looks like a drawing of a dragon scaring away some kind of a cartooned dog. I haven’t asked her what exactly she drew. I intend to do so years later.


(Instruksi si bocah cara bacanya dari bawah ke atas)
Dari Kakak untuk Mama Lala
Ini pintu masuk.
Di dalamnya ada ulat kaki seribu yang jadi kepompong trus jadi kupu-kupu.
Story as told by: Raissa

Ini waktu Papa Mama lagi temenan, mau ke tempat menikah.
Mama pegang bunga yang dikasih Papa.
Story as told by: Raissa
#kode buat Kris



Raissa made this drawing using Carl Lite app.
Drawing and writing by: Raissa

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