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6 Jan

Sibling Rivalry

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… ooommmmph ….


This is all because of this lady who wrote about this game app, QuizUp. I got interested and downloaded it.

Then I introduced the game to my sister Fahra, during a family-lunch at a mall. She got hooked and downloaded it on her gadget so we can play and challenge each other. But when I challenged her and she mentioned her loss in powerpuff girls chat room, the chat group for me and my sisters only… all hell breaks loose! Ayu asked the name of the game and downloaded it and got so hooked up!

She plays it almost nonstop, challenging Fahra and me. Leaving us with piles of homework on a daily basis.

Someone is obsessed!

The rivalry gets “funnier” when we started capturing our winnings. Ayu got really ticked when she was left behind with 3-0 scores on Countries of Europe, especially by me, the only powerpuff girl who doesn’t hold a European diploma, while she’s married to a European and been living there for (like) ever. She argued in self-defense that was because she’s only a beginner, still having stage-fright.. so she kept challenging me until she tipped the winning scale :D When she was trying to catch up, she captured her winning round.. but I captured the statistic below her winning announcement.. like so below.

Amazing what Quiz-Up can do to a sisterhood!

Capturing the ending of the same round!
Ayu captured the top part, I captured the info shown below that :)


The game is truly lots of fun. Fun and educational. I would even allow my kids to play it if only they can read and understand English well already. My favorite topics are: Landmarks, Countries of Europe, Paintings, Name the Dish, and Back to School: Science.

Go download it. Challenge me, once you have it on your gadget. Or try challenge Fahra on Harry Potter trivia. She’s so darn good on that topic though, her knowledge is probably just a tad below Ms. Rowlings herself. I cannot beat her at all. While my other sister, Ayu, you can challenge her on any topic. She’s just that crazy about the apps.

But considered you are warned! This apps is so addictive!



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