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21 Dec

Kiddarts: Compilation 2014

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This blog starts to look like an Annual Report, eh? Only gets updated annualy :D

With so many stories to share, I’m now really lost where to begin. Yep, me askin’ for it! So let’s start with something extra-lite.. and unfortunately, I’m not talking about my weight.. huhuhu..

I just wanna share the “arts” my little girls have produced in this year. The “arts” might not be artsy for others, but they certainly considered a collection of masterpiece by Kris and me.

So far, Raissa has been more productive than her sister as with Fiamma, the whirlwind, would call it quit within 3 minutes after picking up a crayon and then said “ok enough.. i’m tired.” :)

Moving on.. *drumrolls please* let me present you to the latest collection of skippintroupe’s kiddarts gallery… ta daa!


Raissa wrote this GWS note when I was bed-ridden for a week after diagnosed with cervical HNP on 1 April 2014


A letter to my sister’s family, the Cimarolis, on their wedding anniversary on 10 October.
Letter subtitles: Zia Ayu, ini Kakak. Zia Ayu kapan ke Indonesia sama Zio Lollo. Zia Ayu, kita ke Jungle Land yang kolam renang itu.

Raissa’s piece is the one on the left. She actually just colored a template drawing provided by Sushi Tei but then, not sure what happened, she started scribbling black figures over the template. I think it started out as a mistake though. However, instead of opting to toss it out, she said that coloring/drawing piece is to be sent to her Zio Lollo. And so I did, a long with the “anniversary” letter.
I do love looking at the final piece though.. it looks like a drawing of a dragon scaring away some kind of a cartooned dog. I haven’t asked her what exactly she drew. I intend to do so years later.


(Instruksi si bocah cara bacanya dari bawah ke atas)
Dari Kakak untuk Mama Lala
Ini pintu masuk.
Di dalamnya ada ulat kaki seribu yang jadi kepompong trus jadi kupu-kupu.
Story as told by: Raissa

Ini waktu Papa Mama lagi temenan, mau ke tempat menikah.
Mama pegang bunga yang dikasih Papa.
Story as told by: Raissa
#kode buat Kris



Raissa made this drawing using Carl Lite app.
Drawing and writing by: Raissa

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