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31 Dec

Closest to Becoming Travel Writer

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My treasured “windcatcher”.
This photo I took in a flight from Lhokseumawe to Medan. I captured the aerodynamics lines which usually can only be seen through a scientific experiment in a lab.

I think everyone knows that I love to wander.. the trendier term nowadays is travelling… kelayapan in Bahasa Indonesia.. ‘mlala’ in Minang language where my Dad family is from. As my nickname is Lala.. no wonder that I like to mlala, right :)  A name is a prayer, a wise man said.

I think it was my dad anyway who instilled in me the love for travelling in the first place. According to him, he first took me adventuring out of town to his project site when I was only about 1 month old. Growing up, my parents continue to take us travelling even to this day.. towing me and my sisters AND our children for a family holiday. So it is natural that I love to travel.

I do love getting lost in my trips. I love seeking out for new adventures. Move around like the locals. I’m at ease whether traveling solo or in group. I love going anywhere.. I don’t really have any preference for destination.. I can enjoy seaside, mountain-side, city tour, country-side, theme-park, or museums. Although, I’m not particularly keen going on mountain climbing for holiday, but I did it a few times. I think it is safe to say that I’m not a fussy traveler.

What’s more important for me is that I can go to places. Better if I can go with (almost) all expenses paid or at least I don’t have to be bothered about the money spent when travelling. As I’m not an heiress, nor married rich, I know I need to have a job that travel is just part of it. So I can mix business with pleasure. It’s the best thing I can do to satiate my thirst for adventures.

Well, I would love to be a travel writer or becoming a host of one of TLC shows. But come on… look how I neglect this blog :D  Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with jobs that require me to travel. At the closing of year 2014, I’d like to recap the trips I did this year whether it’s biz mixed with pleasure, pure biz, or pure pleasure. Without a doubt, this is the year I reaped free mileage the most. Yaay to that!

(FYI, although I did have two biztrips to Bandung, I’m still taking out trips to Bandung as I go there at least once a month anyway to visit Bapak Ibu. Otherwise, this is gonna be a never-ending list.)


Let’s trail back then!

January: The Philippines: Manila (and Makati) and Los Baños

February: just short trips to Bogor with the Cimarolis while they were here in Indonesia.

March: Makassar (2x), Ambon

April: Banjarmasin

May: Medan, Kuala Simpang at Aceh Tamiang, Lhokseumawe, Kupang

June: Makassar, Manado

July: Jogjakarta

September: Jogjakarta, Medan

October: Jogjakarta (3x), Medan (and Danau Toba – Samosir Island)

November: Jogjakarta 

December: Banda Aceh, Ambon, Jogjakarta (again!)

A stroll at dusk on Lasiana beach, Kupang – NTT

Resolution for 2015, maybe just a tad less biztrips but a few more family trips. Aameenn!

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