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21 Apr

April Fool’s

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The clock says 3:12 am. I’m in Banjarmasin and in 12 hours I’m going to chase a flight to Balikpapan, then will continue on a road trip to Samarinda.

I’ve been trying to sleep in the last 4 hours but failed. I’ve been having difficulty to sleep since I’m diagnosed with  cervical HNP aka pinched nerve disorder on my neck on 1 April. April Fool’s Day. Anything but fool and fun. It’s more pain. To the max.

After series of consultation with two neurosurgeons and countless family discussions, we opted out the surgery and voted for a combo of acupuncture treatment and physical therapy. The treatment helped in reducing the pain level so I decided to start travelling again to test the water.

Armed with a small pouch jammed with medications, I thought I’ll be ok. Sadly, I thought wrong :(   Even though I tried to avoid lifting heavy stuff but it seems anything heavier than a piece of paper is too much for my spine. Almost as soon as I landed on Kalimantan soil the pain came back. The very next day, I started taking the painkiller again.

That reality bites deep. It brought me to tears again that my current condition will not allow me one more thing that is me to me: travelling. (The first cry was when doctors said I can not lift and carry my little girls.)  At least for awhile. I hope it’s only for a short while. Lots of prayers are raised for that.

I took a painkiller pill an hour ago and still waiting for the pain to step aside and let me rest.

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