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27 Sep

Connecting the Separated

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Pheeee…ewww!!! What a dusty blog you are :)

It’s been a while since I “separated” myself from blogging world and in fact from travelling world. There’s a reason though… only it’s a reason that is personal and cannot be disclosed, except a vague explanation that things happenned :)

As I’m trying to re-connect myself from my inspirations and friends in the blogging world, my bestfriend happens to host a Turnamen Foto Perjalanan with her chosen theme: bridge. An excellent choice of theme that intrigued me to participate immediately.

What would Venetians do if there’s no bridge? And I wonder how did I manage to capture the Gondola Man in such a close up.

Bridge has been an object of my many infatuations. It’s a connection that is humble in creating closeness with those close to our surroundings. If with airplanes, ships, trains and boats people needs to have initial capital to get on it, with bridge everyone just need a strong will to be on it and cross over to (what could be) a different world. I learned it first time from children story books describing beautiful yet exclusive palaces and fortresses that can only be entered using a simple mechanical bridge that would be made available by the discretion of the princes, princesses and heroes. Dreamy.

Crossing one of the many bridges in Florence

Bridge is one of my favorite objects to document especially when I traveled.  Whether it’s a battered one making squeaky noise like the one I had to cross in Kupang or the wide and solid ones like those in Europe. Bridge is definitely an attraction to me.

Railway/bridge on the way to Ciwidey.

A hanging bridge over Citarik river in Sukabumi

The only way to see Oenesu waterfall, located out of Kupang.


With many pictures of bridges in my collection, I pick the one below to participate in backpackology photo tournament. Although it doesn’t show the bridge in entirety but it’s taken from a bridge in Venice. Looking at it makes me feel that being on a bridge, it presents me with at least two sides, options, views and like what I always wish for in life.. it allows me to make choices. Should we go right or left?

Glimpse of Venice from one of hundreds of bridges

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There are 4 Comments ...

  1. mey says:

    Hi Ka Lala..aku silent reader..keren fotonya :-) btw, I really miss your w
    ritings :-)

    • Lala says:

      Hi Mey.. Salam kenal.
      Terima kasih sering mampir kesini.
      Aku juga kangen menulis.. semoga wiken ini bisa nambah tulisan. Doakeuunn :)

  2. dbee_curly says:

    Soo nice to read your blog! I like this posting… view from the bridge!

  3. Nikevvfree says:

    I was thinking which has been extremeley helpful. Many thanks for ones own rare facts. Most definitely i’ll manage with this.

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