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2 Dec

Bye-bye Crazy November

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Oh hi!!! Hey Hellooww!

Uh ohhh… yeah it’s been awhile, isn’t it? Why? Where have I been? Mmm let’s see…

November was an extremely busy month at work. It was not just busy, it was crazily chaotic to the bones. First, our President visited my office headquarters, a few days later at the Organization (where I hang my hat everyday) general conference, an election was held and approved a first-kind-thing decision which made it as headlines in national and international media, then the scrambling to face the financial impact, and towards the end of the month.. my Big Boss numero Uno came to Indonesia as a state guest. All in all… It was CRAZY. Pheeewwww….   Gosh, I was exhausted beyond imagination. Thank goodness, soon after the Big Boss left on the last Friday of November, I started my maternity leave on the very next Monday.

On the first day of my leave, I still had to come to the office to do my handover note, had a meeting with my regional Boss, sent out a few emails before I bid Adios, see you in April. I refused to make plans for the following days. I just wanted to enjoy the freedom to make impulsive decision.

The next day, Raissa and I had girls only day. We went to a spa and pampered ourselves with 1-hour full body massage, then she had a haircut, and I continued to treat myself with a creambath. I thank God that we live in this country where pampering is a luxury I can afford :)

And that’s how I entered December… Slowly but blissfully.

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