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24 Oct

Less than half of my architecture/home interior books collection

As a show of happiness for receiving a special treasure from a pretty little flower, I’m sharing some of my holybooks when looking for inspirations for birdnest.

I’ve always had a thing for architecture and interior design. I like looking at buildings, houses, hotels, furnitures, and all-things-related since forever. I think I’ve written it somewhere that when I have nothing better to do, I would doodle floorplans. I like collecting architecture/interior-related books because they’re so colorful with very few text and nice to display :D   Actually, I also like collecting cooking/table-styling books for the same reasons.

Anyway, one book that I felt lost when I didn’t have it with me during visits to look for curtains, paints, furnitures, carpets, etc was my color-scheme reference book below. What’s more fun than choosing colors for every single thing in your house anyway? Nothing can beat it. Never ever for me.

My bible

Finding cheap deals were not really a big problem. Just consistently looking and bargain and willing to go to the off-the-beaten-path places and more often I could find a great deal. A bigger problem would be to find the right color for my sofa, tv stand, and even for my aqua-gallon cover :) I really did read through this bible from cover-to-cover repeatedly. Chose one, browsed the webs, window shopping, changed my mind, and repeat. Until I kept ending up on the same page over and over again. So here’s my winning colors and themes for birdnest…

Living room landscape.. and there's the quotation from a curtain+sofacover store.

Blue and brown for our lazy-time retreat aka bedroom

Splash of green, pink, and white for my little jumping bean

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There are 2 Comments ...

  1. PoppieS says:

    aaaaww.. :’)

    me want to see more Beautiful Bird Nest pics dong mbaaaakk… Hihihii.. bukan maksud terkepo tapi memberiku semangat untuk menabung lagi isiisi rumah :D

    semoga Raissa senang yah sama bukunya :D *peluk*

    • Lala says:

      segera Smitt.. :) udah foto-foto, tinggal upload tapi kerjaan lg gila2an. Jd belum sempat-sempat. Sometime this week semoga ada tambahan foto birdnest d.

      Raissa belum dibacain bukunya soalnya takut dia rebut trus kenapa2 krn kan kertas tipis. Tapi ibunya senannnnggg sekali :D Makasih lagiii. *peluk peluk 100x*

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