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28 Mar

Excessive Measure

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can kill, that we all know.

Including drinking water excessively. While everyone is campaigning to drink litres of water a day, it turns out that to do it excessively can cause harm to one’s health, as I learn from my cousin’s blog here.

According to her neurosurgeon father, to drink water excessively would workout the kidney and can cause the dispensing of electrolyte from the body. Moreover, when liquid is dispensed frequently, the heart also works harder. He suggests to drink in moderation about 2-3 glasses at a time.



Electrolytes are salts that conduct electricity and are found in the body fluid, tissue, and blood.

More info can be found : here, here, here and more, you just need to google  ^.^

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There are 2 Comments ...

  1. Mo says:

    Well, it’s a good tips. Luckily I read this posting and now I understand that drinking to much water is also not good. Thanks.

    • Lala says:

      Greetings, Mo :) and thanks for stopping by.

      Your blog is cool and quite opinionated yet it’s informative in a way. It’s easy to read them, just a type of blog I like. Keep it up there.

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